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eLearning Games

Play. Engage. Learn

We craft eLearning games that engage and entertain.  Immersive experiences that teach players and gather the data that meets your goals.    

Learn by Playing

Our games offer challenges that teach players as they learn to progress through each level with mechanics that are fun, engaging and easy to master.


Play by Learning


Learning is integrated into each play experience by weaving the material seamlessly within the game and reinforcing key aspects as players achieve in-game goals.  

Player Assessment

Showtime ShoPlace Arcade
Showtime Homeland CodeBreaker
GAF Roofing System Challenge
The Road Ahead
This Way Up

Tiki's proprietary eLearning platform tracks a variety of data on players choices within the game based upon a set of testing criteria you define.  Assessment data may be viewed in real-time during play in addition to being compiled for review after player participation is completed.  

Need an eLearning Game Developed?

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