Weird N.J. Hauntings Frequently Asked Questions

Application Basics

Weird N.J. Hauntings is an IPhone application that lets you read about and visit all your favorite Haunted New Jersey locations. Visiting locations and running the application will "stamp" your Weird N.J. Passport, and the user locations functionality allows you to mark and catalog your own weird locations!

Locations Menu

Clicking on Locations from the Main Menu brings you to the Locations menu. From here you can browse all the locations by choosing Browse, see the locations sorted by distance by choosing Nearest, or see a list of locations you have marked by selecting My Weird Places. Choosing either Browse or Nearest will bring you to another menu where you can choose to filter locations by category. Once you have selected a category, you will be brought to the location list. The location list is where you can scroll through the locations in your application. Clicking on a location will bring up a picture and a brief description. For more information on the location, click on the blue detail icon on the right. This will bring you to the Location Information screen.

Location Information

The Location Information screen is where you can see details on a location. From the tabs at the bottom, you can choose to see an Overview, a detailed Description, Images, a Location map, or you can record your own Notes about the location. On the Overview screen, you can take a picture and send a "postcard" to a friend from the location by clicking on the envelope icon on the top right of the screen (this feature is only available on network connected devices. If you do not see this icon, then you do not currently have an internet connection available). From the images tab, you can click on the + icon on the top right to bring up the camera and take additional pictures to add to the location. The notes tab presents an editable text area where you can add your own notes about each location.

Map Menu

The map menu brings up a map with your current location centered. All marked locations, including your own weird locations, will be marked with a pin on the map. Clicking on the pin will let you bring up the location information screen. You can also press the home icon on the bottom right to scroll back to your current location. Pressing the + icon on the bottom right will add a new location to the currently selected position. This new location will show up in the "My Weird Places" menu.


The Passport button will bring up your Passport. Every time you run the application, if it detects you are at one of the Weird locations, Weird N.J. Hauntings will stamp your Passport. Collect them all!


The Events page lists current Weirding events. It will show a highlight when new events have been added.


The Options button brings up the Options menu. From the Options menu you can see the adjust the sound settings, see the latest news, legal information, or get more information on Weird N.J. and Tiki Interactive.

Additional Help
If you need additional help, please email us at support at